About Blue World Media

When I renovated my 20 year old recording studio in 2018, I converted my former drum booth into a green screen, video editing suite. (I never liked recording live drums anyway, so I was ready to go 100% electronic drums when music projects came my way.)

I put networked video cameras around the studio that feed into the new suite and then learned more about live video capture and live streaming.

As I was learning my new video suite and re-creating a new recording studio, I was also started to pay closer attention to politics. As I grew more concerned, I thought, what better way to utilize my skills as an audio engineer and a wannabe video and motion graphics editor than doing projects to help the current political climate?

I started with my own video segments called “The Two Minute Take”, where I studied a current topic or event and explained it as best I could with a green screen and motion graphics. During this project I realized how much I didn’t know about politics or motion graphics.

So, I joined RepresentUs and met (a now dear friend), Paula Barkan. Paula and I decided to create an interactive voter guide at Texas2020.org and market the guide across the entire state. At the same time, I started accepting requests from organizations and candidates that I respected to help create create political ads and educational content. 2020 was a very busy year.

I soon realized that I needed more people with more skills than I had. So, I put together a Texas 2020 creative team to get everything accomplished and I learned so much about digital marketing, public relations, motion graphics, video editing, web design, web development etc…

At the same time as all of this, for some reason, I decided to start a women’s political social group called Vino & Voting. I think most of us don’t prioritize politics in our lives because it’s stressful, intimidating and just, no fun. At the same time, it’s SO important that we do prioritize it. So, I decided to try to make politics fun with a chef and fabulous wine and a non-partisan, non-intimidating topic discussed collaboratively as a group. We were a growing group until Covid hit. But, I’m resuming Vino & Voting in July of 2021 and intend to keep it going monthly until the 2022 election.

My personal passion is political education and I just hope that I get to keep doing that and hopefully keep getting better at it…

Below are just a few examples of the work I’ve created over these last few years.

Texas Voter Guide Videos


Texas Voter Guide Ads


2020 Election Projects


The Two Minute Take


Misc. Media Projects