A geek is born...

Me and Dad

A geek is born...

My Early Years

Few people believe that I remember seeing (and hearing) The Sound of Music at the age of 3 and instantly knew that I wanted to create music, but it’s true.

I started writing songs at 11 years old when I taught myself guitar and then started teaching myself piano at age 13. I started experimenting recording my songs and adding harmony parts by bouncing from one tape machine to another.

My love of music was equaled by my love of technology which started with my father who was a gadget geek and dabbled in editing home videos. He lit my passion for anything techy. He always had the latest FILL IN THE BLANK and now I have inherited that same addiction.

At age 19, I bought my first 4 track recorder and I was hooked and felt destined to become a recording engineer. I started performing as an artist at 18 and moved to Austin in my early 20’s where I put together a 9 piece band and won the Austin Chronicle’s Best New Band and Best Pop Band awards. In the early 80’s, after performing at the Dell Computer company picnic with my band, I was given my first PC that booted up from a 5 inch floppy disk. It was then that I discovered music software and recording with a computer. 

During that time, I started working in recording studios in the Austin area. I decided that I wanted to get more professional experience working in world-class studio, so at 24 years old, I moved to New York City. While working in amazing studios, I finished my bachelors and masters degrees at NYU while performing with my new band. I loved NYC and learned so much there but after 10 years there, I decided to move back to Austin in my mid 30’s. I’ve been here ever since and I love it. 

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