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The story of Blue World

and founder, Gina Fant-Simon

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My name is Gina Fant-Simon and Blue World has been my world since 1991 when I was living in a small town outside of New York City, named Blauvelt. It was actually my father who informed me that the name of my town was German for “blue world”… hence the name….

I started my 1st studio in Blauvelt with money I won in a jingle contest as a student at NYU and fed my gear addiction working a brief stint as an Apple Education Consultant finishing my masters.

My 2nd studio was in the back room of my apartment in Greenwich Village. I put an ad in the Village Voice and was quickly engineering for a roster of very colorful clients. It was during these years that I started my lifelong love affair with digital audio.

When I wasn’t out chasing fame with my band as an artist, I was constantly in the studio. Looking back, I enjoyed my engineering much more than rehearsing and performing.

My 3rd studio in 95 was in a commercial building in Chelsea. It felt like my first real studio. I started getting hired for some amazing projects. Everything from jingles, film scores, artists, bands, a few broadway demos and any time left, I was writing and producing my own work.

In 97, I decided to move home to Texas, bring all of my big city digital audio gear and create Blue World #4. I decided to build an all digital studio in the very analog music town of Austin.

It took me a while to get the Austin boys to embrace recording without their tape machines, but I hung in there. For 10 years, I have loved this room in the Texas Hill Country and had the honor of working with so many brilliant artists, producers, musicians, bands and songwriters.

As technology evolved and home studios became more affordable, I started helping my studio musician friends and artists and engineers around the country create home studios. As internet speeds increased, I started teaching them how to work remotely. So, in 2004, I decided to create a new tech startup; a network of world-class talent that allowed anyone to hire and collaborate with professional musicians.

I built a software team with my friend and renown engineer, Kevin Killen, and in 2007 we launched eSession.com. We had a few pretty good years and I learned so much. But after 6 years, I decided to throw in the towel, sell the site and move on to my new passion; learning more about investing.

As I became enamored with technology, I started sporadically investing in it. After eSession, I realized that all of my years running a recording studio or launching a software company were far less lucrative than my lucky purchase of tech stocks over a decade.

So, I took investing classes at The University of Texas and Harvard Online Business School, but I also found a brilliant team to work with.

Then I moved into the latest chapter of my geeky life. In 2019, I woke up to politics.

So, here I am using the skills I learned over my various careers to try and make a positive difference in this world and most specifically in this state…. wish me luck…..


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